The Thunder Bay Fish & Game Association operates and maintains 10 shooting ranges and an archery range on 60 acres of property. Access to the property is protected by a secure gate. All members are provided a key fob for the gate and can access the property at any time. Our facilities include a clubhouse with coffee and fridge for use by members, and storage for affiliated pistol clubs.

Detailed descriptions and rules for all ranges are included in the Safety Orientation Session Booklet.

Range 1

Distance: 50 Metres

Approved for: Rimfire rifles and pistols or pistol-caliber carbines up to .44 Magnum, muzzle-loading rifles. NO SHOTGUNS. Pistols are restricted to 25 metres.

Target stands: 10

Features: Heated building with shooting benches, exterior target lights.

Range 2

Distance: 100 Metres

Approved for: Centerfire rifles, rimfire rifles, muzzle-loading rifles. NO SHOTGUNS.

Target stands: 8 – Plus bunker with gong targets.

Features: Firing positions from three outside covered benches, two prone positions, and 5 benches inside heated building (which also serves as the TBFG Clubhouse).

Range 3

Distance: 80 Yards

Approved for: Rifles and shotguns shooting slugs, pistols at 50 yards or closer.

Features: Covered shooting bench, bunkers with gong targets.

Range 4,5,6,7 (Action Shooting)

Distance: 30 Yards (Handguns restricted to 25 yards)

Approved for: Pistols and CDP/IPSC/IDPA/Cowboy Action

Features: Covered tables and safety areas, portable tables, bunkers with gong targets.

Range 8

Distance: 10 Metres

Approved for: Pistols and rimfire rifles

Target stands: 12 indoor and 5 outdoor.

Features: Heated building with shooting tables.

Range 9

Distance: 50 Metres

Approved for: Handguns, rifles and shotguns. Shotguns using bird/buck shot (TARGET 7 ONLY).

Features: Bunker with gong targets, pistols from 10 Metres, rifles from 50 Metres. Approved for IPSC, IDPA, CDP, PPC or Cowboy Action.

Range 10

Distance: 200 Yards (Handguns restricted to 25 yards)

Approved for: Members must be approved to shoot rifles at 200 Yards. Rifles, pistols, shotgun shooting slugs and CDP/IPSC/IDPA/Cowboy Action