Welcome to a Range for the Whole Community

This is our new home page and we would love to hear from any member on ideas and suggestions, articles and input for the Thunder Bay Fish and Game Website.

This website will be a communication tool for all members and future members of the Thunder Bay District Fish and Game properties.

Projects and maintenance at the Fish and Game are taken on by members to keep the ranges safe for everyone!
The range is located at 260 Pento Rd. Just follow Dawson Rd (Hwy 102), turn left onto Government Rd. Pento Rd is the next road past the McIntyre Rec Center.
The range is right at the end of Pento Rd.

Thank you very much for all the members that attended our meeting on October 5th! The membership voted in favour of a new lock system for the main gate! This is the first step in automating the main gate!

Darrell Bray
TBF&G Web Master
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